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2020-01-11 09:54:08

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Combine/free agency focus: Carolina's most vital offseason task will be keeping free agent best cheap football jerseys reddit boxing links reddit 50/50 All Pro guard Andrew Norwell in-house. Holding a prime spot on Gregg Rosenthal's free agent ratings, Norwell is an asset Carolina can't buy to lose, particularly with a "Speedbump" close to him at left tackle. The Panthers must also enhance their wide receiver room, the slightest bit necessary. After Carolina offloaded Kelvin Benjamin part way through the season, Cam Newton was left with Devin Funchess and a barely serviceable motley crew of pass catchers. Carolina could use a reliable below option, similar to that of Jarvis Landry or Marqise Lee, To broaden its aerial attack. New Orleans' haul in 2017, Reeled in by Mickey Loomis and Jeff eire, Is an historic success. Lattimore and Williams led the c's with five and four interceptions, Respectively, With the former securing the most to begin with votes in any category at NFL Honors (45). Ramczyk was one amongst three rookie offensive linemen to start all 16 games. Kamara was a revelation at running back, Terrorizing defenses with cheap nba basketball jerseys ukersee slippery elusiveness and devastating speeding, on the way to 1,901 all principle yards and 14 total touchdowns. score: A+places to buy sports jerseys near me